And thrilling trekking, hiking Mount Batur begins!!


there has been a small debate about who would be becoming a member of, due to the fact at that time there have been simplest three of us, and it felt uncomfortable if simplest three people left. finally I attempted to ship sms to several candidates who maximum possibly want to take part.

I sent approximately 4 sms, and yay! Get one more personnel to run this loopy idea. trekking up Mount BaturSunrise Trekking, with out a plan, with out practise, with out knowing the hiking route!! a little reckless, but amusing is not it!? Or instead… you can say, crazy!! Hehehe…

short information approximately Mount Batur, is an energetic volcano on the island of Bali, and has erupted regularly. The final time it erupted turned into in 2004, the greatest eruption passed off in 1926 which had blanketed the Batur village and Ulun Danu temple with its incandescent lava.

besides the history of eruptions which are quite horrible, Mount Batur saves a million charms of splendor. now not best trekking tours for adventure lovers like me, but also Toya Bungkah’s natural warm springs that i will experience at the same time as looking at the view of Lake Batur after a worn-out hike.

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After the arrangements have been entire, 4 impromptu climbers departed from Kuta at 11.30 pm, with daypack equipment, two 1.5 liter aqua bottles on the left and proper of the daypack. I think it’s sufficient for a hike later. The experience to Kintamani takes approximately 2 hours, with 2 iron horses and 4 impromptu climbers who’re complete of enthusiasm thru the darkness of night to the Batur place, Kintamani.

The whole experience become quiet, as it became without a doubt past due, best every so often we surpassed motorized cars from the other path. The air at some point of the trip changed into pretty cold and a touch foggy as it approached Kintamani. At around 01.30 am WITA, we arrived on the place in Kintamani, and rested at the Panelokan point.

Panelokan is the factor where we are able to enjoy the view of Mount Batur and Lake Batur simultaneously throughout the day. when the climate is obvious, the view from right here may be very stunning.


Taking a short spoil, I became on my laptop to open Google, and searched for wherein the initial location of the start of the climb to Mount Batur turned into. nicely, an immediately idea, education for hiking become best modest. My precept is “ask uncle google and you may be satisfactory”. believe it or no longer, all this time I simplest used Google as a preparation for touring or seeking out data at some stage in the trip, plus a bit asking here and there at the journey.

once I looked for facts approximately Mount Batur for some time, i discovered numerous blog articles and numerous maps that I trust are the starting vicinity for mountaineering Mount Batur, Pura Jati Toya Bungkah. After that we without delay persisted our journey armed with this data.

via the darkness of the Kintamani night, with iron horses, we continued to the beginning location of climbing Mount Batur. It seems smooth and clear on Google Map due to the blog that provides information at the region of the start of the climb.

but, it grew to become out that we have been nonetheless misplaced, even after meeting the mountain climbing publish officer, at the same time as seeking out an area to park our iron horse. We nearly got lost in the dark because we took the incorrect start factor, plus the flashlight we introduced became out to be very dim. The flashlight that I deliver is like living, I do not need to die, hehe! due to that, the best lighting left is a few low-powered cell phones, and one cellphone that features as a GPS!! :D.

knowing that we took the wrong direction, we determined to turn again closer to the iron horse automobile parking space, and look for extra statistics to the mountain climbing submit that I saw at the asphalt avenue in advance.
The original climbing put up grew to become out to be near the Jati Toya Bungkah Temple. most effective then did we realise that we have been clearly lost. fortunately it didn’t continue :D. To climb to Mount Batur, a hiking levy of IDR 10,000 per person is charged.

So for 4 human beings the entire is Rp. 40,000,. further, we had been additionally supplied a guide to accompany the climb at a price of 50 thousand according to person. For four people the entire is IDR 2 hundred,000.

it’s actually pretty reasonably-priced, but based totally on an impromptu plan, I handiest brought a little coins, so I needed to be assured that I knew the route despite the fact that I didn’t truely understand. it is clean, permit’s simply see how this thrilling adventure is over excited by way of fate :D.

the second one blind experience changed into endured, the time changed into 03.00 but this time we were now not unfortunate to wander off, we met a type-hearted local resident whose house is on the slopes of Mount Batur.

We had been additionally told the course to climb to the pinnacle, even had a touch chat with them whilst our adventure turned into nevertheless on course. They became out to be working as stone seekers on this Mount Batur region.

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