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In ancient times, Hong Kong’s film industry was very famous. There are so many films produced and sold internationally. Most of these films are action and romance genres. Those who were born and raised in the 80s and 90s must have watched the show several times. Talking about the film certainly cannot be separated from the actors and actresses who play in the film. Some of them are now in their old age, some of them are still working in the film industry. some have not, and some have died. To remember them, here are some of the legendary Hong Kong actors and actresses of that time.

10 Legendary Chinese Actor And Actress

  • Chow Yun-Fat

Starting the list of legendary Chinese actors and actresses of old with the name Chow Yun-Far. This one actor is so iconic with his slicked back hairstyle. He was born in Lamma Island, Hong Kong on May 18, 1955. It is clear that he is no longer a young actor. At the age of 66, he appears less and less on the small screen.

Although he rarely plays movies, we can still find his old films on the internet. Chow Yun-Fat is famous for playing in action movies. If you remember God of Gambler, Chow Yun-Fat played in the film as the God of Gamblers. His acting at that time could really make people amazed and imagine himself as someone who is good at gambling like the God of Gambling.

  • Michelle Yeoh

Not only actors, there are also legendary Chinese actresses like Michelle Yeoh. Famous in her time, Michelle Yeoh turned out to have a unique story. Born in Ipoh, Malaysia, has a Malaysian citizen, but a career as an actress in Hong Kong. He has played many films and most of them are in the action genre.

Call it several films that he has been involved in, such as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Memoirs of A Geisha, Police Story, and even been involved in acting with Pierce Brosnan in the James Bond film entitled Tomorrow Never Dies. Despite his age, he is still actively playing in the film world. Not long ago he was involved with the Marvel superhero film Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

  • Maggie Cheung

Maggie Cheung is one of the senior actresses in the Hong Kong film industry. The actress who was born in 1964 started her career not as an artist, but as a model. She came out as 2nd place in the Miss Hong Kong Pageant in 1983. This was her initial capital to enter the world of film.

Maggie Cheung had great success as an actress in the 80’s to 2000. She was still playing movies until 2004 in the film Clean. The rest, he still plays movies but with small characters or as a cameo. In his era, he acted together with other famous actors such as Jackie Chan, Leslie Cheung, Andy Lau, Carina Lau, and Leon Lai.

  • Anita Mui

Discussing the Chinese actress who has become a legend, of course, must mention the name Anita Mui. A woman who is multi-talented, you could say, not only good at acting, she also has a beautiful voice. Contributing to the world of film as well as music, Anita Mui is considered an important figure in the world of Cantopop music. For his work, he received many awards.

In the world of film, Anita Mui has played in many films and worked with many famous actors. Perhaps the best known to those of us who have ever been entertained by his songs and films is Andy Lau. It was reported that he really liked the figure of Andy Lau but his love was not reciprocated until he finally died. Anita Mui died on December 30, 2003 due to cervical cancer.

  • Tony Leung

In the film Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Michelle Yeoh is not the only Chinese actress who plays in the film. There is one more legendary figure, namely Tony Leung. Tony Leung is considered as one of the actors of Asian blood who is successful not only in Hong Kong but also internationally.

This 59-year-old actor had a very stunning appearance when he played with Chow Yun-Fat who is also a legendary Hong Kong actor in the film Hard Boiled. He has played dozens of films since the 90s, he is now known to be still actively acting. With his appearance in the Marvel film, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, it is hoped that he can appear in other Hollywood films.

  • Jackie Chan

While most action actors act in a cool style, Jackie Chan has another concept that he stretches out. Not wanting to look cool, he just acted the opposite. He still demonstrates his martial arts skills but adds comedy. This is one of the things that made him famous not only in Hong Kong but also in Hollywood.

Another thing that makes him interesting is that he is one of those crazy actors who choose to do dangerous scenes on their own without the help of a stuntman. Even though I have

  • Ng Man-tat

2021 can be said to be a tough year. Not only is the pandemic not over, there are many famous figures who have died. Not only died because of this pandemic, but also because of health factors. As happened with Ng Man-Tat. This Chinese actor died on February 27, 2021 at the age of 69 years.

Ng Man-Tat is also a legendary actor. Besides often playing movies with Stephen Chow, he is the funny Uncle character who often plays with Hao Shaowen and Shi Xiaolong in the movie Shaolin Popey. The death of Ng Man-Tat has brought deep sorrow to the Hong Kong film industry. Many famous artists and their friends came to the funeral home to offer their condolences, including Stephen Chow, who is known to be a close friend of Ng Man-Tat.

  • Stephen Chow

Many times his name is mentioned when discussing the late Ng Man-Tat, here he is Stephen Chow. This friend of Ng Man-Tat is not just an ordinary actor, but also a film director and producer. Like most Hong Kong actors, Stephen Chow also plays quite often in action films.

Stephen Chow also has similarities with Jackie Chan, not only about martial arts and action, Stephen Chow also inserts comedy in each of his films. This is what makes the audience not bored when watching films with Stephen Chow or the films he directed. Kung fu Hustle, Shaolin Soccer, CJ7, Fight Back To School, Royal Trump, are some of Stephen Chow’s action-comedy films.

  • Andy Lau

Andy Lau Tak-Wah, actor, singer, songwriter, and film producer. Truly a man who can be anything. He became one of the Hong Kong actors in the 80s. Just imagine, he has acted in more than 160 films and is able to balance a career in the film world with his career as a singer.

Playing in films with the genre of romance, action, he can do well. It is true that the older an actor is, the more his experience is unquestionable. He is now 60 years old but is still fairly active in films. Already have a harmonious family with almost no slanted gossip that befell him and his family.

  • Bruce Lee

It’s incomplete if you don’t mention Bruce Lee’s name in the list of legendary Chinese actors and actresses. The owner’s real name Lee Jun-Fan, is an actor, martial arts expert, director, martial arts instructor, and philosopher. The only thing that is unfortunate is, Bruce Lee died too soon at the age of 33 years.

It could be said that Bruce Lee introduced Chinese kung fu to the world. Several actors who had been involved in playing films with him such as Jackie Chan, Yen Biao, and Sammo Hung got influence from the figure of Bruce Lee. Even though it’s gone, Bruce Lee’s films are still sought after and watched by many people in this modern era.

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