Noun1.schooling – the sports of teaching or teaching; activities that impart understanding or talent; “he acquired no formal schooling”; “our guidance was carefully programmed”; “right school room teaching is seldom rewarded”

didactics, instructional interest, guidance, pedagogy, coaching

interest – any particular conduct; “they avoided all recreational activity”

schooling – the career of teaching (particularly at a faculty or university or university)

school room undertaking – a school mission requiring massive attempt

classwork – the a part of a pupil’s work this is performed within the lecture room

homework, prep, education – preparatory faculty work done outdoor college (specially at domestic)

lesson – a challenge assigned for man or woman study; “he did the lesson for these days”

coeducation – training of ladies and men in the identical institutions

continuing schooling – a application of instruction designed in general for adult college students who take part part-time

path, course of instruction, course of study, magnificence – training imparted in a series of lessons or conferences; “he took a path in basket weaving”; “flirting isn’t unknown in university classes”

elementary education – training in primary topics (analyzing and writing and arithmetic) supplied to young college students at a grade faculty

extension carrier, university extension, extension – an academic possibility furnished by way of faculties and universities to people who are not enrolled as ordinary students

extracurricular hobby – educational activities now not falling in the scope of the ordinary curriculum

better education – education supplied by way of a college or university

secondary schooling – education beyond the fundamental grades; furnished with the aid of a high college or university preparatory school

crew teaching – a technique of coordinated lecture room teaching related to a group of instructors operating collectively with a unmarried institution of students

paintings-examine application – an academic plan in which college students trade among paid employment and formal look at

factor device – a gadget of evaluation based on awarding factors in keeping with policies

training – the gradual manner of obtaining expertise; “education is a coaching for existence”; “a girl’s training changed into less essential than a boy’s”

instructional application – (training) a software of schooling in liberal arts and sciences (generally in practise for better education)

Department of Education, Education Department, Education – the US federal branch that administers all federal applications managing schooling (inclusive of federal useful resource to educational establishments and college students); created 1979

lessons, training price – a rate paid for instruction (particularly for better education); “tuition and room and board had been greater than $25,000″ – understanding acquired via learning and coaching; “it become clean that he had a totally large training”

physical training – training in the development of and take care of the human frame; stresses athletics; consists of hygiene

experience – the buildup of understanding or ability that results from direct participation in activities or sports; “a man of experience”; “revel in is the pleasant trainer”

cognitive content, mental item, content material – the sum or range of what has been perceived, found, or found out

encyclopaedism, encyclopedism, eruditeness, erudition, learnedness, studying, scholarship – profound scholarly information

enlightenment – education that results in expertise and the unfold of understanding

grounding, foundation – schooling or coaching in the basics of a area of understanding; “he lacks the foundation vital for advanced observe”; “an excellent grounding in arithmetic” – the sluggish method of acquiring information; “education is a instruction for life”; “a lady’s training turned into much less important than a boy’s”

didactics, schooling, educational activity, practise, pedagogy, teaching – the sports of instructing or instructing; activities that impart know-how or skill; “he received no formal schooling”; “our practise become cautiously programmed”; “suitable school room coaching is seldom rewarded”

getting to know, acquisition – the cognitive technique of acquiring talent or know-how; “the child’s acquisition of language”

acculturation, assimilation – the process of assimilating new ideas into an present cognitive structure

getting to know – turning into gifted inside the use of something; having mastery of; “his gaining knowledge of the art of cooking took a long term”

self-cultivation, self-education – the system of educating your self

training, faculty – the system of being officially educated at a school; “what’s going to you do while you finish faculty?”

unique training – education of physically or mentally handicapped kids whose desires can not be met in an regular school room

vocational training, vocational schooling – training for a selected vocation in enterprise or agriculture or – the career of coaching (specially at a school or university or university)

profession – an profession requiring unique education (particularly in the liberal arts or sciences)

didactics, training, educational activity, preparation, pedagogy, teaching – the activities of teaching or educating; sports that impart understanding or ability; “he acquired no formal schooling”; “our coaching changed into cautiously programmed”; “good study room teaching is seldom rewarded”

coaching, pedagogy, instruction – the profession of a trainer; “he organized for teaching whilst nevertheless in college”; “pedagogy is identified as an vital career”five.schooling – the result of precise upbringing (mainly expertise of accurate social behavior); “a female of breeding and refinement”

upbringing – houses acquired all through someone’s youth6.Education – the US federal department that administers all federal applications managing education (along with federal resource to academic establishments and college students); created 1979

Department of Education, Education Department

didactics, training, educational hobby, training, pedagogy, coaching – the activities of educating or educating; sports that impart knowledge or skill; “he acquired no formal schooling”; “our instruction turned into cautiously programmed”; “properly school room teaching is seldom rewarded”

government branch – a federal department in the executive department of the government of the United States

Based on WordNet, Farlex clipart collection. © 2003-2012 Princeton University, Farlex Inc.schooling

1. teaching, schooling, schooling, improvement, training, improvement, discipline, coaching, drilling, tutoring, nurture, tuition, enlightenment, erudition, indoctrination, edification establishments for the care and training of kids see instructional ranges, schools, faculties and universities

2. mastering, education, culture, breeding, scholarship, civilization, cultivation, refinement a person with little schooling

Quotations”The roots of schooling are bitter, however the fruit is good” [Aristophanes]”Education makes a people easy to lead, however tough to force; clean to manipulate, however not possible to enslave” [Lord Henry Brougham speech to the House of Commons]”To live for a time close to fantastic minds is the best schooling” [John Buchan Memory Hold the Door]”Education is truely the soul of a society as it passes from one era to any other” [G.K. Chesterton]”‘Tis training forms the not unusual thoughts,””Just as the twig is bent, the tree’s inclined” [Alexander Pope Epistles to Several Persons]”Education is some thing that tempers the young and consoles the antique, gives wealth to the negative and adorns the wealthy” [Diogenes (The Cynic)]”Education is what survives while what has been learnt has been forgotten” [B.F. Skinner Education in 1984]”To me schooling is a main out of what’s already there within the student’s soul” [Muriel Spark The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie]”When you teach a man you teach an character; while you train a female you teach a whole circle of relatives” [Charles D. McIver]”education: that which discloses to the clever and disguises from the foolish their lack of information” [Ambrose Bierce The Devil’s Dictionary]”Man is the simplest creature which ought to be knowledgeable” [Immanuel Kant]Education terms

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