Telaga Waja River, The Longest Rafting Route in Bali

Telaga Waja River, The Longest Rafting Route in Bali


Bali is indeed endless entertaining tourists with a myriad of stunning natural panoramas. It is not surprising that Bali has been named the number one most popular destination in Asia. As if presented in full, Bali has a large river that is no less beautiful.
As if presenting endless satisfaction for water sport fans. One of the major rivers in Bali is able to provide a different experience for tourists. The river, which has its headwaters on the slopes of Mount Abang and Agung, has a typical rural discharge from the Balinese countryside. Visit for more information here Baliventur

One of the tourist destinations that you should not miss is the Telaga Waja River Rafting. This river is fed by springs originating from Mount Abang and Agung so that it has a large water discharge. You will get a new experience of adrenaline-boosting water sports. Then what are the attractions, here’s an explanation.

Telaga Waja River Rafting Attraction

The Telaga Waja River has clear water which is a very famous rafting tourist destination combined with a tropical natural environment far from the hustle and bustle of the city. Where this destination presents its own charm, including:

Vacation While Testing Adrenaline
One of the water sports that you can do on the Telaga Waja River is rafting. Very fast currents are perfect for testing adrenaline while enjoying the village atmosphere.

Along the Longest Rafting Track in Bali
This river has the longest route, which is sixteen kilometers and takes approximately 2.5 hours. The Telaga Waja River has a descent path that is almost five meters high with a slope of about 50 degrees. Using rubber boats, tourists can go down this river, which is the most exciting activity when rafting.

Family Friendly Rafting
Tourists get adequate facilities with professional rafting guides. This rafting difficulty level is at level II-IV which is suitable for activities with family. This rafting combines fun recreational and sports activities.

A Breath Of Fresh Air
Telaga Waja River offers fresh air and is free from air pollution. This river is located in a rural area with relatively few vehicles and minimal industrial activity.

If you are interested in enjoying the beauty of the Telaga Waja River, please use the complete tour package from Baliventur. You can choose all the best tourist destinations according to the economical packages available on travel tours

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