The A World Cup For A Non American Football


Which is the best sporting event for teams? For the majority of US Americans the “Super Bowll” is a simple answer. Many, attracted by basketball, baseball or hockey, will pick one of these sports’ all-star events, however it’s not the same for the majority of the world. In the outside world, other than US when people refer to football they are referring to the game commonly referred to as soccer in the United States and which is by far the most watched sports across all five continents. This World Cup that takes place during a period of four years is considered to be the world’s most significant athletic event and is watched by a greater number of people by viewers on TV than that of the Olympic Games. In 2002 the year that North Korea and Japan co-hosted the World Cup the cumulative TV viewers was 28.8 billion. 1.1 billion viewers watched the final game during the event in the final match between Brazil as well as Germany.
This year, the World Cup takes place in Germany with the first game with Germany as well as Costa Rica being scheduled on the 9th of June. Then there is the final match is set to be played a month later, on the 9th July, in Berlin. 32 national teams will be taking part in this amazing “party” of soccer in the world and will be playing in 12 German cities. The national teams who are part of the tournament, 14 hail from Europe five from Africa as well as four in South America, 4 from Asia as well as 4 teams in North as well as Central America and 1 from Oceania.

Brazil is the current Word Champion and is among the top contenders to win the title this year. Brazil is a great team. Brazilians have been crowned the World Cup five times and are the most successful team of the tournament’s history. This year legendary coach Pareira is able to draw on some of the most gifted footballers in around the globe: Kaka, Adriano, Roberto Carlos, Ronaldo and of course Ronaldinho the World Player of the Year for the past two years.

As candidates for the crown, they, are thought of by bookmakers and soccer experts as the team from Germany that will be playing before its fans as host nation, and the teams from England, Argentina and Italy. Additionally to the Brazilians are also considered, as is and the French footballer Thierry Henry and The Ukrainian player Andriy Shevchenko and the English midfielder Frank Lampard, the German midfielder Michael Ballack and the new star of Argentinean soccer team Lionel Messi are players one would like to watch.

It is believed that the United States’ national team is positioned in group E and will play Italy, Ghana and the Czech Republic in the initial phase of the tournament, playing its first match to be played in Gelsenkirchen at the end of June 12, against the Czechs. Head coach Bruce Arena has his team convinced that the mix of promising young players like DaMarcus Beasley as well as Landon Donovan and old campaigners such as Claudio Reyna and Brian McBride might be enough to get to the quarter-finals, which they made it in 2002.

There are numerous theories regarding soccer’s lack of popularity in the United States, but the most convincing one appears to be that the American national team didn’t make any notable achievements during the past few years to be able to garner attention and attention. The players who play at Bruce Arena will have an moment of fame in their German stadiums.

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