The Most Horrible Place In The World


The Most Horrible Place In The World

The world has many beautiful and interesting places to visit. Everyone’s definition of attractive is different. Some like to go to shopping, museums, historical places, parks, or other places. Of these many people, there must be some who like places that can provide a challenge or that can stimulate adrenaline. Places that have a scary or haunted air can also be considered interesting. There are many horrible places in this world that you can visit if you dare. Otherwise, don’t try it than you will have nightmares or see/feel things you shouldn’t see. Here are scary places in the world that you can visit if you dare.

  1. Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, West Virginia

Do you think the hospital is spooky? Try to come to a mental hospital once in a while. Not just an ordinary mental hospital, but an abandoned mental hospital. Guaranteed you can feel the horror of the mental hospital. Especially if it’s the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in West Virginia.

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum is a mental hospital that existed in the mid-1800s. It was called a mental hospital in the past, there were many gruesome experiments trying to restore a person’s psyche. I don’t know how many patients have died there. The hospital was granted National Historic Landmark status in 1990 and closed in 1994.

  1. Nagoro, Japan

It’s hard not to like Japan. This country is like a convenience store, whatever you like is in Japan. You want to see good tourist attractions, you want horror ones too. If you are after a spooky tour, you can try to go to Nagoro. Nagoro is a village located on Shikoku Island.

This village may not be too big, but the spooky impression shown is no joke. There are only 30 people living there and the remaining 400 are dolls. Not a small doll but a special doll used to scare crows. This doll is clothed and dressed like a human. The clothes given are clothes from the remains of people who have died.

  1. Aokigahara Forest, Japan

Besides Nagoro, Japan still has one more place that is famous for its spooky. Maybe some of you have already guessed it. That place was Aokigahara Forest. This forest is known as a place where people commit suicide. If you don’t know, life in Japan is very hard. People who are not strong and want to commit suicide will usually go to Aokigahara.

Aokigahara Forest can be found in the Northwest of Mount Fuji. The forest that got the “Suicide Forest” has been a place for people to commit suicide since the 1950s. Hundreds of suicides have occurred in the forest. Although it has a dark story, this forest is open to the public. Many people who were curious about the story of the forest went to see it for themselves. Can’t just go to Aokigahara. If you get lost it will be difficult to get back.

  1. Island of the Dolls, Mexico

Dolls are one of children’s favorite toys. With his imagination, dolls can be a fun playmate for children. Has a relationship with a doll. in Mexico there is an island where almost everywhere there are dolls. The island is called Isla de las Munecas, in English it means Island of the Dolls.

It is said that this island became the island where the Aztecs lived. That’s why the island is made a historic place by UNESCO. In this city there are hundreds of dolls, ranging from dolls that are still intact to some that are only small parts. These dolls are scattered all over the island. Because these dolls are not cared for, this is what makes this island spooky.

  1. Catacombs of Paris, France

The name of the cemetery certainly has a spooky impression for anyone who goes there. If you go in bright light, it doesn’t look so scary. But when it is night then the real spooky atmosphere comes out. It’s the same in any country. Even in Paris, a grave is still a grave.

In Paris there is one grave that is very famous for its spooky, namely the Catacombs of Paris. This is a very famous underground cemetery in Paris. It is known that there are as many as 6 million bodies buried there. Opened as a tourist area, visitors can see piles of human bones along the graveyard.

  1. The Forbidden City, Beijing

Visiting China on vacation will feel incomplete if you don’t go to Beijing. Serving as the capital of China, Beijing has many historical places. One of them is The Forbidden City. Even though we got the name of the forbidden city, it doesn’t mean we are forbidden to come there. This place has changed its function as a tourist place.

The Forbidden City has changed its function from being the emperor’s resting place to a museum. During its use as an imperial site, The Forbidden City had seen many murders. Where there are concubines who poison other concubines until the execution of people is carried out in this place. According to the stories of local people, in this place there are often sightings of women in white dresses walking around the palace.

  1. Tower of London, England

As the capital of England, London has progress in all areas compared to other cities. Even so, buildings in London are still thick with typical British architecture. One of the old and historic buildings in London is the Tower of London. This building was formerly used as a fort.

The Tower of London was built by William the Conqueror in 1066. Not only serves as a fortress, the Tower of London is also used as a place of execution. Henry VIII executed two of his wives here. There is also this fort as a silent witness to 2 young daughters of King Edward IV. Obviously this all strengthens the impression of horror from this great fort.

  1. La Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires

No matter where or how cool it is, a grave is still a grave. You can admire the cemetery because of its cool architecture. But keep in mind that the grave is the final resting place of the deceased. The atmosphere that was originally cool can turn tense when night falls.

Buenos Aires there is a cemetery called La Recoleta Cemetery. If you look around, this grave has a cool design. There are hundreds of statues, mausoleums, caves, and tombstones that have interesting designs. Like other graves, this cemetery also has many mystery stories. One of them is the story of a gravedigger named David Alleno. Alleno died by suicide after 30 years of work. That said, the ghost of Alleno was seen walking in La Recoleta Cemetery.

  1. Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia

Prisons were created as places for inmates to serve their sentences for crimes they had committed. So, the image of a bad prison should already be in the mind. Moreover, the old prisons where the criminals were not ordinary criminals plus guards who could carry out acts of torture on prisoners in prison.

Like the prison in Philadelphia. The prison, called the Eastern State Penitentiary, was a silent witness where inmates were tortured by fellow inmates and guards. Built in 1829, this prison was discontinued in 1970 and turned into a museum. According to people who have been there, a number of paranormal activities often occur. Like laughter, someone’s shadow, and footsteps were not uncommon in the Eastern State Penitentiary.

  1. Hoia-Baciu Forest, Romania

Not all forests are beautiful and pleasant. Maybe when the sun is shining brightly, the forest looks beautiful, fun to visit, and so on. But when the day turns to night then the real terror begins. If in Japan there is Aokigahara Forest, then in Romania there is also a spooky forest, namely the Hoia-Baciu Forest.

The first time this forest came to the surface was when a military technician captured a photo of a foreign object flying over the forest in 1968. It was suspected that the foreign object was a UFO. Since then, many paranormal events have appeared in the forest. Even to the point of believing that anyone who walks into the forest alone will disappear and get kidnapped

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