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PeriodicalRAND Review: March-April 2022

The cover tale describes a yearlong have a look at of a group of navy veterans experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles. Other capabilities observe the worldwide virtual capabilities hole and the importance and resources of confrontation amongst gun policy experts.

Commentary’Grow Your Own’ Prep Programs Can Improve Diversity of the Teaching Workforce

Black and Hispanic educators are more likely than white educators to say they plan to depart the career, threatening to exacerbate an already overwhelming lack of variety. Local, “grow your very own” opportunity instructor instruction applications can assist to strengthen the range of the coaching workforce, as well as allow districts to deal with broader staffing demanding situations.

BlogThe West’s Response to Russia, the State of the Union, Outer Space: RAND Weekly Recap

This weekly recap makes a speciality of a way to save you Russia’s warfare on Ukraine from becoming a war with NATO, insights from RAND on the State of the Union, the future of outer area, and more.

ReportEducating Students with Disabilities: Lessons from the Pandemic

A survey of U.S. educators sheds light at the boundaries that teachers and principals confronted—even before the pandemic—that make supporting students with disabilities mainly hard inside the COVID-19 technology.

ReportDeveloping Outcome Measures for the National Guard Youth ChalleNGe Program

The National Guard Youth ChalleNGe is a residential application for young people experiencing difficulties in conventional excessive college. This capstone record describes some of RAND’s research and analyses on the ChalleNGe application from past due 2017 via mid-2020.

Research BriefTalking commercial enterprise: How increasing languages schooling in the UK could benefit the economy

Findings show that investing in languages education in UK secondary colleges will go back greater than the funding value. The gain-to-fee ratio is set 2:1, that means that every £1 spent on more language provision may want to return £2 for the economy.

BlogState of the Union 2022: Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine and Domestic Policy

In his first State of the Union cope with, President Joe Biden rebuked Russia for its invasion of Ukraine, aimed to turn a web page on the pandemic, and included a extensive variety of home problems, such as mental fitness care, prescription drug charges, and helping veterans.

BlogResponding to Russia, Sex Trafficking, Anti-Bias Education: RAND Weekly Recap

This weekly recap focuses on the fake desire between responding to Russia or deterring China, how substance use and intercourse trafficking are linked, presenting anti-bias schooling in U.S. schools, and extra.

ReportTruth Decay in Europe: Exploring the position of information and analysis in European public lifestyles

This report is part of the Countering Truth Decay Initiative and checked out the function of records and analysis in public life in Europe. It observed that Truth Decay does arise in Europe, but it is less typical than in the United States.

Spotlight 2021-2022 highlights decided on RAND Europe projects that address the essential troubles of our time. It additionally capabilities research that is poised to make a distinction within the coming year.

ProjectCosta Rica’s Carbon-Neutral Future

In her final piece for RAND Art + Data, Gabrielle Mérite brings one united states of america’s imaginative and prescient for a carbon-neutral destiny to lifestyles. Her designs are primarily based on RAND studies that analyzed the capability results of Costa Rica’s National Decarbonization Plan.

ReportAnti-Bias Education in U.S. Public Schools

Teaching college students explicitly approximately issues of identification, diversity, fairness, and bias can result in effective effects. Nearly 3 in 4 K–12 instructors pronounced that they offer such anti-bias preparation, but greater than 1/2 stated that their school’s or district’s curriculum substances did now not effectively deal with anti-bias subjects.

News ReleaseInvestment in Languages Education Could Return Double for UK Economy

Investing in languages schooling in the UK will return extra than the funding price, even below conservative assumptions, in keeping with a new look at from RAND Europe and the University of Cambridge, funded by means of the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

ReportInvestment in Languages Education Could Return Double for UK Economy

Languages play a considerable function in worldwide alternate, and now not sharing a not unusual language acts as a non-tariff alternate barrier. Benefit-to-value ratios for increasing Arabic, Mandarin, French, or Spanish training within the UK are estimated to be as a minimum 2:1, meaning that spending £1 should return £2.

BlogRefugees, Women’s Health Research, Supporting Incarcerated Parents: RAND Weekly Recap

This weekly recap makes a speciality of the humanitarian fallout from a Russian invasion of Ukraine, making an investment in girls’s health studies, assisting incarcerated dad and mom, and greater.

CommentaryFinding Teachers and Bus Drivers Is a Big Problem, but a Different Staffing Challenge Is Looming in School Districts

The majority of college districts record they don’t have enough team of workers to rent, especially substitutes, bus drivers, and unique schooling instructors. A current survey also discovered a prime task for the superintendency. Only half of of superintendents stated they were probably to live in their jobs for the long term.

ReportSchool Staffing Challenges inside the Pandemic’s Third Year

As of fall 2021, school workforce shortages were most acute for substitutes, bus drivers, special schooling instructors, and paraprofessionals. The turnover of superintendents turned into regular however half of of them stated that they may go away within the following couple of years or have been uncertain of the way lengthy they would live.

ReportEvaluation of the Minnesota Department of Correction’s Career Navigators Program: Final Report

The authors conducted an independent system and effects evaluation of the Minnesota Department of Corrections’ Career Navigators program, which aimed to assist human beings with educational and career opportunities earlier than and after being incarcerated.

BlogProblems in U.S. Schools, Conflict with Russia, Opioid Trafficking: RAND Weekly Recap

This weekly recap focuses on what America’s school district leaders are concerned about, how to interrupt the cycle of conflict with Russia, a new report on synthetic opioid trafficking, and extra.

ReportTechnical Documentation for the Fourth American School District Panel Survey

This report presents technical statistics about the November 2021 survey of the American School District Panel. The authors describe districts’ traits and the weighting system that become used to produce nationally consultant estimates.

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